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Brett Called Up To Dump & Dee Made A Funny

We Blew Crap On Lex's First Summer Song

It's tough to find the song of the summer and gets tougher every year it seems like. The rules are ruining it!

Dee's Morning Dump Was About Begging

Dee has specific requests for these folks that need a buck...speak right to him or you're gonna miss out on the cash.

Sarah Doesn't Want To Be Produced

Thinking Sarah is about done with the she serious?

Jose Can You See

Very common mistake. Hopefully he gets his glasses soon.

Hi My Name Is Lex & I'm An Over-Eater

It is time for Lex to deal with his underlying issues.

Terry Stole Something By Mistake

But how did it get into his purchased items?? HMMMM??

What Kind Of Working Out Does Dee Want 2 Do

Dee really gets it in during his workouts...REALLY gets it in...

Brian Got Ran Over During His Morning Dump

A deep discussion on window cleaning, the crew doesn't let up a bit.

Lex Lettered In Lunch While in Highschool

He takes a trip down memory lane, all the way back to high school. He was a real winner.