Man arrested for using urn with ashes as weapon, attacking victim

Sebastien, FL - A naked man was arrested for using an urn containing a family member's ashes as a weapon and throwing it at another person.

46-year-old Scott Cornwell was arrested early Saturday morning by the Sebastian Police Department on charges of aggravated battery.

According to police, Cornwell got into an argument with a victim, which escalated when Cornwell threw a glass urn at the victim's head.

When officers arrived on scene, they found the victim at a neighbor's house with multiple contusions.

The victim was transported to the Sebastian Hospital, where staff discovered the victim suffered a fractured nasal cavity.

Officers surrounded Cornwell's home and attempted to make contact with him via phone and by knocking on the home's windows, but there was no response.

An hour after officers arrived, Cornwell left his residence completely nude.

He was taken into custody by the police.

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