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Groom Being Slammed For Humiliating His Bride With Vows At Florida Wedding

Wedding ceremony. the bride and groom exchange rings

Photo: Getty Images

A groom is being blasted after his vows from a Florida wedding went viral! A photographer shared the clip to TikTok where not only did he make a bunch of sex jokes that can't be aired on the radio, but the groom even admitted he'd rather marry Margot Robbie.

The groom starts his wedding vows by telling his wife to 'keep my belly full and my balls empty.

His words appears to be too much for his mother who shakes her head and firmly calls his name in an attempt to intervene, but undeterred by her objections Michael continues.

'PS, since you're so good at making decisions like marrying me, you can choose whether tonight's going to end with being a toaster strudel or a Twinkie,' he concludes.

Destiny covers her face in shock and giggles with apparent embarrassment as onlookers nervously laugh. 

Michael blows her an exaggerated kiss before his mother interrupts: 'Being that I am his mom I will deal with him later, he is grounded.'

But despite the uproar all over social media, the bride herself has hit back at the negativity as she rushed to defend her husband's actions.

In her own TikTok video, she speaks directly to camera as she revealed: 'I'm that bride.'

The newly-wed continues: 'So with that being said, yes I'm happy, yes I'm still married, yes I loved my wedding, and there is nothing that I would have changed.

'I loved his vows, I loved my vows, I loved our wedding day.

Watch it here!! You will be shocked!

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