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Quiz: Do You Consider These Scenarios Cheating?

Partner discovering adultery

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Here are some of the scenarios and percentage of people who consider it NOT cheating.


1.  Does kissing someone on the cheek count as cheating? Only 7% say yes. But 73% think kissing on the lips is definitely cheating. 3% even think it's cheating when two actors have to kiss.



2.  Scrolling through Tinder when you're bored, but not messaging anyone? 47% say yes, that's cheating. If you do message someone, 87% say it's cheating.



3.  Hugging someone very closely and slowly? 14% think that's cheating.



4.  Sending someone else revealing photos? Yes, 94% say it's cheating.



5.  Giving someone a massage? 22% say it's cheating no matter the context.



6.  Flirting with that cute barista at Starbucks? 26% think it's cheating.



7.  Hooking up with someone else when you're on a "break"? 32% say it's cheating. Another 35% think it's a gray area, so it depends.



8.  Sharing a bed, but you don't do anything? Only 17% say it's cheating.



9.  Holding hands with someone else? 28% say it's cheating. Another 42% say it depends.



10.  Telling someone, "I'd totally hook up with you if I was single"? 35% say it counts as cheating.

Click on the link to take the full quiz and see where you stand with others.

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