Woman Rescues Mystery Animal. Experts Are Baffled By This Critter

Mystery Box

Photo: E+

This brave woman followed animal tracks thinking they’d lead to her neighbor’s dog but she found a scared and shivering creature. She lured the animal to her basement to take car of it and now local wildlife experts are baffled on what species the animal actually is. I'm saying it's a dog... what do you think?

Eyth said that first, she thought the creature might be a coyote or a dog. After calling Wildlife Works, a local rescue, and transferring the creature to their facility for care, there have only been more questions. Morgan Barron, a certified wildlife rehabilitator at Wildlife Works, had trouble identifying what this animal could be and told NBC News she couldn’t “definitively say what it is.”

“But to err on the side of caution since they can carry rabies and since it might be a coyote, we can keep it here, get genetic testing done, and then kind of go from there,” Barron explained. (via TODAY)

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