Guy Pranks His Buddy By Not Telling Him He Has His Pilot License

Guy secretly took flying lessons for the past 6 months, and decided to use his new skill in an epic prank video with his friend.

This is what he had to say in his YouTube channel: I spent just over 6 months working towards my private pilots license. I kept it a secret from most everyone. Especially this guy. I did a pre flight check on the plane before going to pick up my friend in order create the illusion that I had never flown before once I got in and started it up. The owner of the airport played along too. I wish I got it on video, but he told Zach and I that he needed to make a phone call and that I could start the plane up the way he showed me how “one” other time. We get in the plane. I turn on the cameras, which I said were for insurance purposes in case of a malfunction. And proceed with my little prank. One we will never forget. Enjoy!