Stranded Covid-19 Passenger: I've Been Stuck On a Cruise Ship For 8 Weeks!

Taylor Grimes has taken eight different Covid-19 tests. Some come back positive, some come back negative. He's now been on a cruise ship for EIGHT weeks. Listen to his amazing story.


  • Taylor Grimes is on a ship off the coast of Italy where he's been for 8 weeks
  • He has taken a total of 8 Covid-19 tests!
  • He has tested positive, positive, negative, positive, positive, negative, positive, positive, negative so far
  • He MUST get two negative tests in a row to be sent home
  • He doesn't speak Italian so talking with the health professionals is difficult
  • He gets interrupted and served dinner (which he shares with us) during the interview
  • When does he think he'll finally go home?
  • How are they currently treating him?

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