VIDEO:Girl Finds What Looks Like a Baby Frog in Her Cheesecake Factory Food

What's next in the saga of finding foreign objects in our food? Well, TikToker, Bethany Goodwin, claimed on Tuesday that a baby frog is what she found in her order of Cheesecake Factory mashed potatoes!

Goodwin, a sophomore at the University of Florida, recorded a TikTok video of her meal. She pokes at a hard object in her mashed potatoes that she claims is "indestructible." She can then be seen rinsing the unknown object off in the sink, further convinced that it is in fact, a baby frog.

Goodwin then decided to seek assistance from a professor at the University of Florida, and wrote in her email, “I am not one of your students at UF but I would really appreciate some help in dissecting something I found. This may sound ridiculous but I was eating a dinner tonight from the cheesecake factory, and i believe there was a frog in my mashed potatoes. I know this may sound funny but if you can help me dissect this and determine if it’s a frog I would appreciate it.”

In a follow-up video the TikToker posted, after taking the “baby frog” to a University of Florida lab, a scientist told her that he doesn't believe the item in her mashed potatoes was a baby frog, but actually a huge chunk of “black mold.” (ew.)

Cheesecake Factory has been in touch with the girl and said they were “very concerned to hear of this incident.”

Photo: Getty Images