Florida Woman Finds Bizarre Carcass In Her Yard

A Florida Woman found a bizarre dead creature in her Titusville yard. She posted pictures of it to Facebook and the internet took over making guesses as to what it was.

The mystery creature was 2 - 3 feet long from tip to tail. A biologist said it was an opossum, but the internet had their own ideas including a coyote, a dog, the skin of an alligator, a dead otter or even a chupacabra.

"I found this in my yard...has anyone seen this thing before or know what it could be?" -Kelly Garrahan

“Scan it for a microchip and post on Brevard lost pets"

“Beef jerky”

“How often do you go out into your yard? Just wondering how long it has been there or maybe it was brought in by some other animal”

“Looks like the Chupacabra"

“Wow, where do you live, hell?”

"That’s a sign it’s time to effen move."

What do you think the bizarre creature is? Are you believing that's an opossum?

Source: Click Orlando

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