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VIDEO: Reporter Reads Her Own Surprise Proposal on the Teleprompter

Close-up of journalist woman holding a microphone - stock photo

Photo: Manu Vega / Moment / Getty Images

In a world where everyone is trying to one-up each other's marriage proposals, it looks like a couple of news anchors win today because one man's clever proposal has gone viral, gaining national attention.

Cornelia Nicholson is a reporter at Local 3 News in Chattanooga, and as she was recording a promo, she realized she was "reporting" on what was about to be her own marriage proposal.

Cornelia is clearly caught off guard as she's reading her teleprompter.

It was from her boyfriend Riley Nagel who also works at the news station.

He coordinated it with staffers, and he showed up with flowers and the ring, giving all of the beautiful reasons they should be together forever.

Well done, Riley.

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