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VIDEO: Apparently, Tattoos Are the Hottest New Party Favor at Weddings

Tattoo artist at work

Photo: Helen King / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Back in my day, people used to regret the tattoo they got one drunken night of spring break, however, these days, it might be the tattoo they got at their cousin's wedding.

Apparently, tattoos are the latest in hot new party favors to offer at your wedding, and people are hiring tattoo artists as vendors, so their guests can get inked during the festivities.

Forget those tiny packs of bubbles or candies, give people a permanent memento to remember your wedding by!

There is a wedding photographer in Kansas who posted a video last week after a client hired a tattoo artist for their cocktail hour.

Here's the thing: they weren't free; you still had to pay a set price of $60 (which is a pretty average shop minimum), and they weren't offering large pieces, just simple outline tattoos.

Opinions flooded the comment section on the video, with some viewers thinking it's a cute idea. Others think it's weird, and maybe unsanitary. Also, a good point was made by one person who commented and said it would be pretty awkward if none of your guests wanted one.

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