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VIDEO: New A.I.-Powered Glasses Can Tell You What to Say on Dates

Young business man talking with female colleague

Photo: Getty Images

If you're nervous about what to talk about on a first date, fear no more, because some students came up with a way to have your own personal teleprompter tell you what to say! Is this technology something we've always needed or are things going too far?

Students at Stanford University have posted videos after they used ChatGPT to make A.I.-powered glasses that help you have conversations. Some viewers think this could be especially helpful in interviews, at parties, or even on dates.

The prototype is in its early stages and wouldn't fool anyone yet, as the device is a pair of glasses with a thick monocle stuck to one lens.

The glasses use speech-recognition technology that actually listens to what the other person says and then it generates replies to read and puts them on display right in front of your eyeball. They also say the current version isn't fast enough, as there's a long pause before the next words pop up.

The students fed it details about their friends' personal lives, so it would have things to ask about, however, it was all information that one could easily find on social media.

One video circulating on social media shows a guy using the glasses in a simulated job interview, while another shows a guy using them to attempt to flirt with a coworker.

But here's the feature that EVERYONE will want though: facial recognition that can tell you what the person's name is as they walk up to you. Now, that will save a lot of awkward conversations.

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