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If You Can Spot the 2nd Tiger in This Optical Illusion You’re In the Top 1%

Photo: Canva

According to Harry Pettit, Deputy Technology and Science Editor at The Sun, if you are able to spot the hidden tiger in this image then you’re apparently in the top 1%.

The latest in internet challenges is asking us to find the “hidden tiger” in the image of the jungle scene. But don't get too discouraged if you're having a hard time finding it, because the portrait contains 2 tigers, with one much more obvious than the other.

The viral-circulating optical illusion has actually been around for years but tends to resurface and trend on popular websites like Reddit.

Rather than a second tiger, the picture actually contains hidden text or the elusive “hidden tiger”.

Many people, much like myself, tend to focus on the image’s scenery, however, pay close attention to the tiger itself.

The text you're looking for is actually hidden in the tiger’s fur, with the font disguised in the tiger's black stripes.

Look at the animal's torso and hind leg and you should see the text across the tiger’s body.

If you see it right off the bat, allegedly, you are in the top 1% of the world and are considered smarter than most.

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