Vanilla Ice Surprises Viral 'Lunch Lady Squad' At Wellington Middle School

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A local squad of lunch ladies have been going viral on TikTok for their creative content and for bridging a gap between students and school cafeteria workers. Their videos have garnered thousands of views and the attention of one global celebrity.

The "Lunch Lady Squad" have become a huge hit at Wellington Landings Middle School after their TikTok videos went viral and helped create a connection with the school's students.

On Wednesday (5/11/22), the "Lunch Lady Squad" believed they were attending a school celebration in the cafeteria, but when the music got louder, the ladies started to bust a move, and hip-hop star Vanilla Ice showed up to surprise them.

"Hey, we got a party in the lunchroom!" Vanilla Ice announced.

Robert Van Winkle, better known as Vanilla Ice, is a South Florida resident, living in Wellington, and apparently, saw the Squad dancing to his song on TikTok. So he wanted to join the party and show the ladies some love for doing so much more than simply serving food to the kids.

"They are creating this environment and that goes to show you they work hard," the rapper said. "They're great, you know? They inspire these kids. Put a little dancing and music on and it just lightens up the whole day."

The visit wouldn't have been complete without a brand new TikTok, so where better of a set than the freezer?

"That was the first time I ever sang 'Ice Ice Baby' in a freezer," Vanilla Ice confessed. "I hope it's not the last. It was actually fun."

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