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WATCH: Boyfriend’s Angry Reaction To Girlfriend Starting An OnlyFans

WARNING: Videos contain strong language not suitable for all audiences & definitely not for work!

Since its debut in 2015, the website, OnlyFans has secured its status as the leading platform for sex workers to be able to create and publish their own content and make their own money doing so.

Although not all of OnlyFans content is related to sex work, the site has a popular reputation for being explicit and with that, comes a generalization with the idea of creating an OnlyFans.

TikToker @tevinstokes filmed his friend @kevindoolyrah’s breakdown while he was arguing on the phone with his girlfriend the moment Kevin's girlfriend told him she wanted to not only get into OnlyFans, but also stripping.

The video has stirred a little bit of a debate around one central question: Is it wrong to dump your partner for having an OnlyFans? TikTok began debating and seemingly, the internet saw both sides of the argument.

“As a sex worker myself, people have the right to NOT want to be with me. They’re not insecure for having different boundaries than mine,” one of the TikTok users commented. While another commented on Kevin's controlling tone.

In a follow-up video, Kevin elaborates on exactly why her OnlyFans bothered him, and he has some pretty valid points on maturity.

What do you think?

Photo: Getty Images

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