LOOK! Beautiful Model Looks Exactly Like Scarlett Johansson And Hates It

A Russian model and TikToker looks eerily similar to a very famous actress that you may have heard of...Scarlett Johansson. But the model apparently doesn't like all of the Doppelganger attention saying, she “wants her own life” after being repeatedly mistaken for the actress.

Ekaterina Shumskaya, who goes by Kate said, “There are people on the internet who confuse me with Scarlett, but I’m not pretending to be her,” the 24-year-old model told Caters News. “We just look alike.”

The model admits she has also beared the brunt of some of the backlash the real Scarlett Johansson faces due to people mistaking her doppelgänger appearance. When Johansson faced backlash being accused of whitewashing an Asian character in the movie “Ghost in the Shell,” the model received some of her intended hate mail, some messages even threatened to “kill her.”

There have been some perks to her looks however, as she’s been able to make a career as a model and even moved from her hometown of Maykop to Moscow because of it. She also admitted she's gone viral on the internet due to her uncanny looks and has since been able to support her parents and family with her new earnings.

What celeb do you look like and do you commonly get mistaken for them?

Photo: Getty Images

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