Woman’s Relationship Advice To Have Sex On First Date Goes Viral On TikTok

To have sex on the first date or to not have sex on the first date?! That is the question...that one TikToker confidently answered in her now-viral video.

A TikTok creator, Eve Culling answered the question, “Should I have sex on the first date?” And her answer was an emphatic “YES.”

“Okay, I’m gonna tell you guys why it is crucial, important to have sex on the first date. Hear me out,” she professes in the video.

I'm not going to lie...after she tells her story on how the guy she recently had gone out with and got to know, had asked her deeply uncomfortable questions during "dirty talk", I'm beginning to see why she wants to vet these guys out early on.

Overall, Eve proposed that wasting time to get to know someone could end horribly if you meet someone with a kink that is much different from yours.

Photo: Getty Images

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