VIDEO: Employees Perplexed As Target Store Doors Were ‘Superglued’ Shut

A basic chick's worst nightmare: the Target is closed! Calm down, you're going to have a good laugh! A new viral TikTok video shows a group of employees standing outside of a Target store because the doors were allegedly “superglued” shut.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user, @mikaelaaa_j, the caption explains that the workers had been waiting outside to get into the store since 3:30 a.m. On a positive note, due to a Target policy, @mikaelaaa_j later updated in the comments, “We got paid our scheduled shifts y’all… we’re good.”

Why didn't they just go in another door? Apparently, the other doors at most big retail stores only open from the inside to prevent theft. The rest of the doors in the building are fire exits that also open only from inside.

There was no update on if they caught the culprits or if security footage captured the cause.

Photo: Getty Images

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