"I Was A Disney Princess, Now I’m An OnlyFans Star"

We all know ad nauseam that the OnlyFans platform has been making headlines as a way for regular citizens-turned-pornographic models to make big money.

Dare Taylor immersed herself in her role as Princess Jasmine, the love interest of Aladdin in the Disney film, at Disney World in Florida. Taylor also played Velma from Scooby-Doo at Orlando's Universal Studios Resort. But toward the end of her three years career at Disney, she wanted a new challenge. Attracted by the attention and stories of high earnings, Taylor launched a secret side career as a topless model, violating Disney's strict morality rules in their Code of Conduct.

“Nobody found out what I was doing,” she said, adding that she managed to get away with posing for the cover of the Slovakian edition of Playboy.

But, five years later, it's become Taylor's permanent career. She left her jobs and life in Florida, was crowned Miss Bikini Model 2019 and moved to LA. Thats when she started her YouTube channel, started an Instagram account, which now has 298,000 followers, and then established herself as a model on OnlyFans.

The 26-year-old shared, “My specialty is artistic nudes,” as she insisted that her content is never fully pornographic. “There are boundaries I don’t want to cross.” Taylor claims that she's earned an astounding $30,000 a month on the site.

“I’ve followed a different path since my days at Disney,” mentioned Taylor. “As much as I treasure my time there as Jasmine, it was right to move on.”

Photo: Getty Images

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