Hidden Camera Reveals Stylist Burns Hair Off Of Her Client While Curling

I just have to keep a look out for the "Part 2" or an update to this video! What would you do in this situation?

First, I have questions. Why is there a hidden camera in the plant of this studio? Maybe things like this happen way too often in Blumenau, Brazil?! At the start of the video, you can see a pretty routine situation where it looks like a hairstylist is simply curling her client's hair. That is until you see that a whole chunk of her hair falls into the stylist's hands as she's curling the woman's hair.

Maybe it was the heat, maybe the hair was already severely damaged, either way, this is my nightmare. The stylist grasps the locks in her hand and seemingly stuffs it into her pocket to conceal it. The stylist goes about fluffing up the woman's hair and never says a word!

What would you do? Do you think the client ever noticed?!

Photo: Getty Images