Florida Woman Discovers Now-Missing Husband Already Married To Someone Else

The anchors in this crazy news story video say it best. But I dont even think Lifetime Movie Network would tackle a plot like this. An Okeechobee, Florida woman says her now-missing husband is a lying, cheating bigamist.

Audra Clemons, a public relations professional, recently sat down for an interview with West Palm Beach's local news station, WPTV.

"I don't understand why the court can't annul my marriage," Clemons expresses. Clemons married her husband, Carlos Alberto Abreu Mendez back in 2015.

"He fooled me," Clemons said. "He completed fooled me. He fooled my parents." Clemons explains that Abreu Mendez, originally from Venezuela, claimed to be a graduate of the University of Miami, but this would later turn out to be false.

In 2017 the couple had twins, but Clemons explains that one of their girls is on the autism spectrum, making things increasingly difficult for the now-single mother.

The first sign of real trouble was when Abreu Mendez was supposed to file the couple's income taxes, but when she never received a refund, she called the IRS. That's when the IRS revealed that no tax return had been filed. In addition, she learned and Abreu Mendez didn't have a tax identification number that non-citizens use to file taxes.

That is when he went "missing." In 2019, Clemons filed for divorce.

"A family member came up and said, 'I think, you know, you should check this out. I heard a rumor that your husband is still married to someone,'" Clemons said. That is when she pulled up records from the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court and learned he had married another woman four months before he married Audra.

Audra hasn't seen her husband in over a year and he has failed to appear at their last court hearing.

"I want someone to be big enough to step forward and say, 'I know where this guy is and I'm turning him in,' or him to step forward and turn himself in," Clemons said.

Photo: Getty Images