Moose Rescued From Colorado Basement After Falling Through Home Window

Talk about a "WTF" moment! Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers received a call about 3:30 p.m. on Monday (1/10/2022) reporting that a moose was stuck in the basement of a Breckenridge home.

When officers arrived to the home, they found the moose had fallen through a window well covered in snow while it was grazing.

"Responding officers opened doors to create exits for the moose, but could not get the moose to leave because it required going up a basement staircase to reach the exits," officials explained in a news release.

Eventually, the responding Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers ended up having to tranquilize the moose and cut off its antlers so that it could fit up the staircase without further damaging itself or the home. The agency also assured us animal lovers that moose antlers typically fall off in the winter months and would regrow in the spring.

The moose was carried outside to safety and also safely released back into the wild.

Photo: Getty Images

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