LOL: Wendy’s Is Relentlessly Roasting Everyone So Hard Right Now On Twitter

Wendy’s is back with their annual shenanigans for ‘National Roast Day’. According to the fast-food chain's Twitter account, it’s the day they invite people to respond on Twitter and get roasted so hard, it hurts. And I have not stopped laughing out loud since I started reading the feed.

Along with some unsuspecting civilians, Wendy's roasted brands such as Triscuits, Velveeta Cheese, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and more. In fact, there were so many, below is a mere fraction of the painful roastings that Wendy's dished out.

Speaking of salt, I'm extremely salty I wasn't able to jump on this bandwagon because I would have loved to see what the fast-food Queen of roasting would have served up for me.

Photo: Getty Images

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