PETA Is Getting Roasted For An Awkward Meme They Tweeted About Turkeys

Listen, first and foremost, I don't care if you've made the decision not to eat meat. Good for you! But personally, I find turkey absolutely delicious, when cooked properly, of course. And for as many turkeys as I've cooked, I'm pretty sure the creepy looking guy in PETA's latest anti-turkey-eating campaign is doing something wrong.

PETA tweeted from their Twitter account a rather disturbing looking meme of what appears to be a man with gray hair, sporting a gold wedding band, and a eery grin with his hand in the gut of a turkey, seemingly implying he's stuffing the turkey. Based on the graphic, PETA thinks that stuffing a turkey with rosemary, thyme, and vegetables is weird.

And instead of persuading people from roasting turkeys this Thanksgiving, they’re actually getting roasted for this awkward cartoon and even worse piece of commentary claiming, "You're getting to third BASTE with a dead turkey."

I don't know if accusing the people who, on average, eat 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving each year of necrophilia was a solid campaign choice, but the comments the Twitter warriors had to roast the organization, at least made for an entertaining read. Enjoy. & whatever you decide to eat, Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: Getty Images

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