Colorado Bull Elk With Tire Around Its Neck For Years Finally Gets Relief

Colorado Parks and Wildlife first noticed a young bull elk with a tire hanging around its neck back in July of 2019. Now, over two years later, that tire has finally been removed.

Earlier this year, the 600-pound elk turned four years old so it has ultimately spent almost half of its life with a tire stuck around its head. After the initial sighting, wildlife officials had a difficult time getting their hands on the elk due to living in a rugged part of the state.

The easily identifiable elk has been spotted on numerous occasions since 2019, with state wildlife officials attempting to capture the elk on multiple occasions in both May and June of this year.

As expected, the elk grew significantly in two years, so in order to free the elk from the tire, they had to cut the antlers off of the tranquilized elk. They tried cutting through the tire but were unsuccessful as the tire was filled with almost 10 pounds of dirt and debris. Between the weight of the tire and his antlers, the elk lost approximately 35 pounds in a matter of minutes.

Photo: Getty Images

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