Social Media Influencer, 22 Dead After Haunting Final Post: ‘Life Is Short’

Social media influencer and apparent daredevil Júlia Hennessy Cayuela has died at just 22 years old after posting a haunting final post to her Instagram: “Life is short, let’s be crazy — me, you, god and the road. Your dreams are mine.”

The social media star was on a motorbike road trip with her husband, Daniel Cayuela, when the two were involved in a crash on July 15, 2021, in São José dos Pinhais outside of São Paulo, Brazil. Júlia was airlifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition but unfortunately died shortly after her arrival of sudden cardiac arrest.

The Júlia and Daniel Cayuela had been married for four years and frequently posted their motorcycle adventures on their social media accounts. The final post on both of their Instagram accounts shows the couple posing with their helmets in front of a huge yellow sign for the town of Capão Bonito.

The Federal Highway Police of Parana and Ecovia in Brazil told local news that they suspect a truck was crossing the road when the couple T-boned into the side of the truck with their motorbike.

Daniel Cayuela is still in critical condition, but Júlia was buried on July 17 in the city of Belo Horizonte. Her funeral procession was attended by hundreds of friends, fans, and loved ones.

Photo: Getty Images

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