Useful Word Of The Day


Hurrication - Evacuation from a major hurricane turned into a short holiday.

"When Maegan and her friend decided to evacuate from Huricane Irma, they ended up driving all the way to Ohio and it turned into a hurrication."


Alarm Shock - The shock of having to wake up a lot earlier than you normally would. More commonly after you get back from a vacation, leave of absence, summer break, etc.

“After Dano was on vacation for a week, when his alarm went off at 7:45 AM for work, he jumped up with total alarm shock.”

Askhole - Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, obnoxious questions.

“When Steve wouldn't stop asking Maegan personal questions, he was being a real askhole.”

Bagside - The side of a body where a purse or messenger bag is carried, and an awkward barrier preventing others from walking comfortably alongside is often created.

"Maegan's husband tried to hold her hand as they were walking, but he was walking on her bagside so they switched sides."

Beerboarding - A controversial process of extracting otherwise-secret information from a friend or co-worker by getting them drunk and thereby loosening their control on their tongue.

"After a night of drinking, Maegan's friend revealed that she was going to make her Matron of Honor. The intention wasn't beerboarding, but man, did the wedding details come pouring out."

Blinkered - Horses wear blinkers. It stops them from getting startled by movement in the peripheral vision. So to be described as blinkered means you are not open to other ideas; Single-minded.

"I tried to convince my husband to watch a musical with me but he says they're all the same and refused! He's so blinkered."

Breadcrumbing - When the “crush” has no intentions of taking things further, but they like the attention. So they flirt here or there, send DM/text messages just to keep the person interested, knowing that they’re staying single.

"One of the callers of On Call used to call in about a woman he was communicating with across the country. She has a husband she won't leave, but kept texting him so it's safe to say she was breadcrumbing."

Break The Glass - When you're breaking out the big guns. When everything you've tried has failed, so you're resorting to your emergency plan. From breaking the glass of fire extinguishers to putting out a fire.

"When the broom and dustpan just weren't enough to get all the cat hair, I broke the glass and grabbed the Dust Buster!"

Break Your Crayons - Make you very upset or sad, or ruin your whole day.

"Nutter, don't worry about Dano, he's just tryin' to break your crayons. Just let it go."

Brodeo - A get-together or a party where the attendance is predominantly male.

“Maegan went to a party with her husband and she realized she was the only female there, so I guess he took her to another brodeo.”

Bogart - To keep something all for oneself, depriving anyone else of having any. A slang term derived from the last name of the famous actor, Humphrey Bogart because he often kept a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, seemingly never actually drawing on it or smoking it. The term is often used with marijuana or joints but can be applied to anything.

“Maegan discovered her oldest cat, Disney is trying to bully the younger cat, Dobby by being a Bogart. She is trying to eat all of the food before he can get any!"

Bumfuzzle - confuse; perplex; fluster

"When Dano kept referring to Thursday as Friday, we knew he was completely bumfuzzled."

Bunched - To be upset, or angry. Referring to having one's panties in a bunch.

“Maegan’s bunched because her Amazon order is 2 days late.”

Billingsgate - coarsely abusive language

"Dano must have had a really bad day because he's been coming at Nutter with all sorts of angry billingsgate today."

Celebutante - A person of high society and wealth whose famous just for the fact of being rich and fabulous. A socialite who is "famous for being famous."

“Paris Hilton has got to be one of the biggest celebutantes in history.”

Chassy - A girl or guy with an awesome figure/body

"That tall curvy blonde that just walked by us had an awesome chassy."

Choreplay - When a woman is turned on by the sight of her husband/boyfriend/partner doing regular household chores, that she would normally be doing.

"Last night, it was all about choreplay. I was all 'OH YEAH, fold that laundry. Oh yes, just like that!'"

Collywobbles - pain in the abdomen and especially in the stomach; a bellyache

"Nutter drank too much last night and has barely left the station bathroom. It's safe to say he has the collywobbles."

Come Correct - To speak or approach someone with respect, and not with undeniable ignorance. To do something the right way the first time to avoid being corrected by another.

“Maybe if Sheamus would have come correct at WWE superstar Drew McIntyre, he wouldn't have had to kick his ass, but when you show up acting like that, you need to be smacked down!”

Disneyfication - The act of taming the world to make it all safe, clean, and completely similar to the theme park. To remove the sharp edges and darkness that is life.

“Maegan certainly tries to bring the Disneyfication to On Call. Her and that moral compass are always looking to make the conversation happier.”

Diphthong - two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound, e.g. the sounds of "ou" in out and of "oy" in boy.

"Some people really struggle with the Dipthong in Maegan's name. The "ae" is pronounced like "ay"."

Dotcomrade - An Internet acquaintance; someone you chat with but have never actually met.

"While he was playing his video game, Call of Duty online, Maegan’s realized her husband had several dotcomrades all over the world."

Double-Freeture - When you pay for one movie at the cinema but sneak into a second flick once the first one is done.

"Dano has told many stories from years past where he paid for one movie but snuck into a second, so it's safe to say he's attended a double-freeture or two."

Earjacking - Eavesdropping on a conversation that you have no business hearing.

“Nutter totally earjacked my conversation with Dano and now he knows what I got him for his birthday!”

Early Nerd Special - Midnight showing on the day of release of a highly-anticipated film, typically of the science-fiction/fantasy genre.

"Maegan stood in line for the Early Nerd Special with a lot of other fans dressed as characters to see the last Star Wars movie."

Echo Effect - The "echo effect" is when a slogan or jingle gets into everyday talk. Advertisers love to get people to incorporate slogans into regular conversation.

"Arby's 'we have the meats' and Nike's 'just do it' are examples of slogans I've incorporated into everyday conversation. Just like 'what would you doooo' and that's Klondike's echo effect."

Emaelstrom - A long and complicated email trail with dozens of CC's discussing a situation almost none of the recipients cares about.

"My cousin sent the entire family a photo of his daughter and now I'm trapped in an Emaelstrom!"

Enterdrainment - Any passive form of entertainment that is so incredibly mind-numbing that it sucks the intelligence from the listener or viewer.

“I watched 3 minutes of that Real Housewives show and I just don't understand how anyone enjoys that type of enterdrainment.”

Errorist- Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes. They say things they believe to be true, but anyone with common sense knows they’re making things up.

“Kanye kept promising to release his new album, but we know by now he’s a serial errorist.”

Expiration Dating - To be in a relationship that has a defined end date; e.g., one of the people is moving soon.

"Jill was planning on moving from Florida to Hawaii, but her boyfriend Jack wanted to keep dating until she left, so they were expiration dating."

Facebookable - Content is considered appropriate enough to be viewed by the general public of the Facebook community i.e friends/significant others/family/coworkers without having to worry about explaining a sketchy situation.

“You know it was a good night when only 3 out of 150 pics are Facebookable.”

Fake-Up - A break-up that eventually leads to the couple making back up. Hence, it is not a real breakup, but a "fake-up."

“Jack and Jill broke up again, but you know they're going to get back together... so it's another fake-up.”

Farticles - The particles of air contaminated after someone or something lets out gas.

“When Dano came in to work with the collywobbles he contaminated all of my air space with his farticles!”

Flagaphile - One that is excessively patriotic; an over-the-top patriot.

“Nutter was dressed head-to-toe in red, white, and blue, and had at least 10 flags just on the outside of his house; he is definitely one of those flagaphiles.”

Flashole - That person who flashes you with their brights even though your brights aren’t on.

“I was blinded by a flashole going around a corner and ended up in the ditch.”

Flatuglance - The look that someone gives another person when they pass gas in public.

"Dano lifted his body and then looked over at Maegan and gave her this distinct look, and she knew it must be a flatuglance."

Floordrobe - A form of storage for clothing that requires no hangers, drawers, doors, or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe.

“Maegan and her husband were struggling for more space to hang their clothes so their closet became a very stylish, his and hers floordrobe at home.”

Fly Naked - To fly somewhere with the bare minimum of belongings, and purchase the rest where you are.

"Dano, aren't you going to pack for vacation?" "Nope, I prefer to fly naked."

Foreploy - The act of misrepresenting yourself, for the sole purpose of gettin’ ‘some’.

“He told her he had a Lambo and a place in Fiji before he tried to take her home but she noticed he was wearing fake Yeezys and knew it was all foreploy.”

Fornever - Never occurring, nor having the potential to do so. A seemingly non-existent period of time.

“Nickelback will fornever be the greatest band that rock music has ever known."

Frenemy - An enemy disguised as a friend.

“Maegan thought all of the listeners were her friends, but anyone that would try to feed her turtle soup is surely a frenemy.”

Frienvy - Feeling of want or need for something or someone that a friend might have. People often experience frienvy most when a close friend of theirs loses weight, gets a promotion, or finds a new partner.

"Dano was experiencing a bit of frienvy when his pal showed up with a new RC car, so now he wanted one too!"

Gashole - A person who uses unnecessarily large amounts of gasoline to move from point A to point B, typically found driving SUV's (Sport Utility Vehicles)

“The driver of that Hummer is a real Gashole!”

Googleganger - Similar to that of a doppelganger, it is another individual with the same name as you whose records and/or stories are mixed in with your own when you Google yourself.

"When Nutter Googled his name, he realized he was not the only John Nutter and had several other Googlegangers!"

Grillbilly - You're a Grillbilly when your grill is the nicest thing about your house.

“You know you're a grillbilly when your house is falling apart and you have a beautiful stainless steel grill.”

Hatertots - Like haterade, the figurative snack you consume when you're hating on someone.

“Dano must have been eating hatertots when he was watching Maegan’s favorite movie, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, because somehow, he did not like it.”

High Ten - A double-handed high five, reserved for especially awesome scenarios.

"When someone gets the first guess correct on The Price Is Wrong, the whole cast of On Call high tens!"

Hobosexual - The opposite of metrosexual; one who cares little for one's own appearance.

“The whole station went out for drinks, but one guy showed up looking like he just got done working in his yard! I guess he’s a hobosexual.”

Holiday Beard - When a male decides not to shave for the period of his holiday (or his significant other's), returning with a rather terrible-looking collection of facial hair.

"When Nutter's wife went away to Italy for over a month, Nutter took that as his time to grow a holiday beard."

Hypernormal - horrifyingly mundane; so overly normal that it's creepy.

"I hate the neighborhoods where all of the houses look the same! It's so hypernormal, it's weird!"

Ice Maker - The opposite of an ice breaker. Something you do that makes it super awkward, right after meeting someone.

"When Maegan met her fellow bridesmaids for the first time, she used a real ice maker; she told everyone how she was vomiting the night before."

Infoporn- Information that serves no purpose and consumes valuable space in your head.

“On Call loves to bring you useless facts and information each and every day...just to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of infoporn.”

Leanover - A small-sized hangover, usually comes with merely a mild headache, vague fatigue, and little or no sense of regret and/or shame.

"He wasn't in really rough shape, so it's safe to say that Nutter only had a leanover, after drinking last night."

Lick - A successful type of theft that results in an acceptable, impressive, and rewarding payday for the protagonist.

"Wow, you won’t believe it! I just hit a lick on the slots; I won almost a thousand dollars!"

Locationship - A brief romantic encounter usually occurring while traveling or on vacation. Can be rekindled at future opportunities.

“Jill? yeah, she's cool. We had a brief locationship at the company retreat last fall.”

Manicorn - defined by those seeking: a mythical male creature who is successful (read: pursuing his passion and can pay his electric bills/rent), funny, chivalrous, masculine (read: not chauvinistic), adventurous, and artistic.

"Maegan's friend is single and really pretty. She wants to meet a guy but she has very high standards. I think she's looking for the elusive manicorn..."

Manther - As the term “cougar” typically refers to females, a manther is a man cougar. A hybrid of the words ‘man’ and ‘panther’.

“Maegan’s been called a cougar because she married a younger guy, but Dano is the main Manther.”

Mirrorface - The unintentional look of coolness, focus, and determination that appears on one's grill when put in front of a mirror.

“Maegan’s husband couldn't help but notice her serious mirrorface every time she went to take a selfie.”

Mouse Arrest - Getting grounded from the computer.

"Nutter’s son got caught looking at Britney Spear’s topless photos on the family computer and he placed him under mouse arrest."

Multislacking - Doing multiple slacker-esque things concurrently.

“Nutter is the king of multislacking. He spent Saturday scrolling Instagram on his phone, watching TV, and eating DiGiorno frozen pizzas.”

Nintendonitis - A chronic, painful condition that affects the muscles or joints in the hand, fingers, and/or forearm after playing video games too much.

“Maegan and her husband challenged one another to a Mario Kart competition, but after hours of playing, their hands were cramping from Nintendonitis.”

OurLandThough- The happiest place in Florida that we share with tourists.

"People come from all over the world to visit it and we have to share it with everyone else in the world, but that place in Florida with all the theme parks, that's Ourlandthough."

Out-Of-Pocket - to be out of control; way off base. usually deserving of a good slapping or a full-blown ass-kicking.

"Nutter had 7 shots of Tequila last night and tried to dance on the bar! He was out-of-pocket so we drove his ass home!"

Peasantvision - Television channels you get without a cable or satellite TV subscription.

“I can't afford digital cable, but I still get some good shows with the rabbit ears on peasantvision.”

Plogging - Running for exercise and picking up trash you find along the way. It's good for the body, mind, soul, and environment! Started in Sweden but is making its way to the U. S.

"It's nice out and the city is filthy. Let's go plogging!"

Pornacopia - An over abundace of porn.

“Nutter discovered a pornacopia of magazines under his son's bed.”

Pornocchio - A person who embellishes their sexcapades to sound cooler.

"You can't ask many sex-related questions to the audience because we've got a few Pornocchios who will just act like they're the next Hugh Hefner."

Pre-pull - The act of pulling the car door handle at the moment the driver unlocks the door, rendering the attempt fruitless, and resulting in minor frustration and/or embarrassment.

"Could you hit unlock again dude? I pre-pulled."

Presponse - To respond to a question before it is finished, often confusing the asker.

"When Maegan and her husband play Jeopardy at home, they had to make a rule that you can't answer until the question is complete to make it fairer. If you presponse, you lose the point. "

Rebooty - 1. A booty call made with an ex. 2. A renewed relationship with an ex.

“After they broke up, Jack still called Jill for some rebooty on weekends.”

Remail - Attempting to follow up on previous email messages which have gone unanswered.

“Nutter wasn't answering any of his emails so all of the listeners sent him remails.”

Requestion - Requesting something indirectly by way of a question. Note: This is distinguished from a regular question because the answer is usually obvious.

"Nutter looked at Dano's plate and we knew what he wanted when he hit him with this requestion: 'Are you gonna finish that?'"

Resolutionary - People who start something new after the New Year, only to quit going within a few months.

“I couldn't find a free treadmill at the gym because the place was crawling with resolutionarys.”

Retox - To start consuming drugs and alcohol again after a hiatus in an effort to avoid the effects of withdrawal.

"Man, I haven't had a drink since Monday and I'm getting the shakes. I'd better retox."

Retro-Cringe - When you remember something you said, wrote, did, didn't say, etc., the day before, a few days before, etc. and the thought makes you cringe.

"Almost every day when On Call leaves the iHeart Studios, they get in their cars and retro-cringe. I'm still retro-cringing about things I said last week!"

Sheeple - People unable to think for themselves. Followers. Lemmings. Those with no cognitive abilities of their own.

“All the girls stopped wearing skinny jeans because they were sheeple.”

Serial Chiller - A person who always kicks back, kicks it, relaxes. One who rarely shoulders responsibility and avoids stress and anxiety.

"Nutter is either stuck to the couch or the lazy boy when he's home... guess you could call him a serial chiller."

Shoot Your Shot - To let go of your pride and pursue someone you are interested in.

“If you hit on a married woman, you’ve got to expect rejection, but hey, shoot your shot.”

Slacktivism - The act of participating in obviously pointless activities as an expedient alternative to actually expending effort to fix a problem.

“Maegan had a coworker once that was an expert in slacktivism; she had everyone fooled! She would wipe down the same areas of the bar over and over again to make it look like she cleaned so she didn't have to do the really dirty stuff!”

Slow Burn - An insult that doesn’t sink in for a while.

“When Maegan figured out that slow burn comment from the girl at the bar, she was so mad.”

Smell Check - Double checking the clothes you put on for any funky odors before getting dressed and leaving the house.

“Nutter couldn't remember if the shirt he picked up off the floor was clean or dirty, so he did a quick smell check.”

Stoptional - When the braking of a car is left to one's choice due to an unnecessary stop sign.

"As my friend blew through the multiple stop signs in the huge mall parking lot, she claimed they were stoptional."

Stunt - To stunt is to floss or show off. When somebody's trying to stunt, they're trying to show off all they've got.

“Maegan started a dance-off and figured she’d stunt all of her old dance moves.”

Swagger Jacker - A person who steals someone else's flow, lines, jokes, or swagger.

“When Dano came in wearing white Chuck Taylors, Maegan & Nutter called him a Swagger Jacker.”

Technolust - The constant desire to have the newest, flashiest, fastest, shiniest gadget available.

“Dano’s wife put him in the doghouse because he bought the latest RC car without asking. His technolust got him in trouble again!”

Technosexual - A person who is so deeply enthralled with technology, that they discuss it with a level of passion that most people reserve for sex. Not always a geek or a nerd, but generally someone who has the latest and greatest everything.

“Dano became so excited about his new RC Car and telescope that his wife knew he must be technosexual.”

Textual Intercourse - The consummation of a relationship solely via text messages.

“Jack and Jill have been having textual intercourse for over a month, but I don't think they have gone out on a date in person."

Textual Relations - To engage in dirty talk with one's partner via text message.

“Since Nutter's wife has been out of the country, they've resorted to textual relations to keep things intimate.”

Thirsty - Too eager to actually get something (especially play), Desperate

"Dano didn't want to sleep in the dog house anymore, so he started doing extra chores and over complimenting his wife. He was acting so thirsty."

Trill - An adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be well respected, coming from a combination of the words "true" and "real".

"Most of the audience would consider the cast of On Call to be pretty trill."

Typeractive - Someone who is overly talkative on emails or text messages.

“Dano must have had extra coffee today because he’s been sending me a ton of long typeractive messages since this morning.”

UDI - Unidentified Drinking Injury - When one is drunk, one picks up random bruises, aches, cuts, scrapes, and pains.

“Judging by the random bruises on Maegan’s legs, it's safe to say she suffered a few UDIs after the party last Saturday.”

Vajority - The majority of women.

"The vajority of women that listen to this show do not like the gross bodily function noises that are sometimes played on On Call.”

Voluntold - The exact opposite of volunteering. Also used in reference to a task to which you have been assigned by your boss.

“Nutter was voluntold into working a double shift today.”

Yellow Listed - A person who does not wash their hands after urinating is placed on the 'yellow list', or they are 'yellow listed'

“Co-worker: You may want to double up on the hand sanitizer after shaking hands with Jill, she was yellow listed last week.”

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