VIDEO: Komodo Dragon Pulls a Godzilla and Destroys Thailand 7-Eleven

Checkout this unbelievable footage snagged by onlookers as a giant Komodo Dragon raided a 7-Eleven store in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

The 6-foot long reptile is thought to have surfaced from a nearby canal and scurried into the convenience store, climbing shelves and causing destruction in search of food.

The staff and customers hid behind the counter while the Godzilla-like scene continued until a shop assistant called the police. Police arrived with reptile handlers to remove the Dragon out of the store and released it into nearby undergrowth.

Despite tearing up the shop, the monitor lizard managed not to take any food. It's believed that the Komodo Dragon might have struggled to find food outside, following Thailand's drought of months of dry weather with little rain.

months of dry weather with little rain.

Photo: Getty Images