Florida Congressman Endorsing Trump Wants "Biggest American Narcissist"

Congressman Brian Mast

Photo: Getty Images North America

A Florida congressman who endorsed former President Trump prior to Governor Ron DeSantis getting into the race for president says he has not wavered on that.

Stuart Republican Brian Mast explains it this way.

"When I think of who I want to be President of the United States of America, number one I want them to be the biggest American narcissist on the planet."

He says he wants a leader who will be "beating their chest for the United States of America" no matter what they're doing across the globe.

"I want somebody that every foreign intelligence agency across the globe knows that that person will cut your throat in the end. And that is Donald Trump. He will go after you. He will tear you down. He will tear you apart. That's the kind of strength that I want in the White House."

Mast, a wounded war veteran, says that's what Trump did during his time in the White House.

Several other GOP members of Florida's Congressional delegation have also endorsed the former president rather than the governor. In fact, according to the political statistics site '538,' more than half of Florida's Republican members of Congress are endorsing Trump for President in 2024.

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