DeSantis Stresses Parental Rights To Homeschool Conference In Orlando

Brand new Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis spoke to a friendly gathering Friday morning in Orlando- the Florida Homeschool Parent Educators 2023 Homeschool Convention at the Rosen Shingle Creek. DeSantis said as governor he understands the importance of education in the state but he says he also looks at education through the lens of a father--

"I have a 6,5 and 3 year old," Governor DeSantis said, "and my wife and I, we really believe in our bones in the rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their kids."

DeSantis says parents have the right to curriculum transparency- to know what is being taught in their child's school.

"So the parent's will blow the whistle if they see something like pornographic books in a middle school library. Of course that's not appropriate and that book shouldn't be there."

As for criticism that he supports 'book banning' Governor DeSantis said at school you have to make judgements about what is appropriate or not.

After entering the race for the GOP nomination for president this week, Governor DeSantis will leave on a four day, 12 stop tour of early primary states next week starting with Iowa on Tuesday.

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