What Can We Do To Protect Elderly Loved Ones From Being Scammed?

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We continue our look at an uptick in scams being pulled off against our seniors.

Marvin Badler, a local project manager with the Seniors vs. Crime project at the Florida Attorney General's Office, says new FBI data shows Floridians over the age of 60 were scammed out of just under $350 million last year.

We asked him what we could do to help our elderly parents avoid being scammed.

"The problem that I've seen with adult children is that the parents don't tell them. They're embarrassed actually. We've had cases where people let's say leased a car and they made a big mistake. They were talked into it by the salesperson. They don't want to tell the children."

Badler says that's typical. But he says Seniors vs. Crime can visit your parents and share the advice with them directly.

"We will come out to organizations, clubs and give talks about how to protect yourself (and) what to look for. We do have a service that's free of charge, that we offer to communities."

HOA leaders can contact the AG's office to arrange a speaker and victims of scams go directly to one of 41 Seniors vs. Crimes offices around the state, including three in Palm Beach County.

You can also reach out online.

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