Port St. Lucie Police Search For Suspect In Deadly Parking Lot Shooting

Surveillance Footage Of Suspect & Jeep In PSL Shooting

Photo: CBS 12

Police on the Treasure Coast are still looking for the man responsible for shooting a man in the back of the head last night.

The 20-year old victim was in a car at a Port St. Lucie parking lot with a woman in the passenger seat when the suspect got out of a Jeep and entered the backseat of the victim's car.

Officials say that as the victim started driving, the suspect shot the man and then left the area on foot.

Closeup Of Suspect In PSL Shooting

Police Chief Richard Del Toro, speaking with CBS 12, had this advice for residents.

“We do advise right now just to keep your doors locked, we don't believe there's an immediate threat to the area, but it's always a good idea at this time of night to have your doors locked in or in your house. If you see anything suspicious in the area please call 911 Immediately we have officers in the area continuing to canvass we have our drones up our K-9 unit also did a search of the area as well. But we believe the suspect to be out of the area at this time right now.”

Surveillance video captured footage of the suspect and the suspect's vehicle. Police want to hear from anyone with information on the incident.

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