Sheriff: Deputy Attempted To 'Dry Fire' Gun When It Fired Inside A School

Martin County Sheriff's Cruiser

Photo: CBS 12

We're finding out how a Martin County deputy accidentally fired his gun while in the school resource office at a charter school on Monday.

"He did it inappropriately and he did it in an inappropriate place."

Sheriff William Snyder says the resource deputy was going to the shooting range when he attempted to dry fire his gun, which is when you pull the trigger with no bullets in the weapon. Unbeknownst to him, there was one bullet still in the chamber and it fired through a wall, a hallway and wound up in a classroom book case.

The kids at the Treasure Coast Classical Academy had just been dismissed and nobody was injured.

"It was unnecessary. It was inappropriate. But it wasn't completely reckless. He wasn't playing with the firearm. He wasn't handling it in a careless manner."

Still, Snyder says his deputy WILL face some disciplinary action.

"His employment is not in jeopardy. We stand with him. We're not throwing him in front of a bus. But he will face some of the repercussions and the ramifications of what occurred."

The sheriff tells CBS 12 News that he will have the final say over the exact punishment.

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