Greek's Gridiron 2021 At Casa de Montecristo

Greek's GridIron Eblast

Join in the excitement as The Penthouse broadcasts live & on-location every other Friday during the 2021/22 football season! 

Frances, Greek & Jimmy will broadcast live from 9am - 1pm with your chance to take on the Greek for “Greeks GridIron 2021”!

Each week, one lucky listener will go head-to-head against the Greek as you select the winning teams from a series of upcoming games. Lucky listeners who pick more winners than the Greek will walk away with a $100 gift card to an area establishment!

How does it work? Well, one lucky caller will have a chance to go on-air & pick the winners for the weekend games. Pick more winners than The Greek and you’ll walk away $100 richer!

Yes, it's that easy!

We'd like to thank our Greek's GridIron 2021 Sponsors:

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