Take The Quiz: What Is Your Lockdown Personality?


Take the quiz that was posted right here on Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8179719/How-REALLY-coping-lockdown-quiz-reveals-need-kinder-yourself.html

So, which personality type are you? Take this quiz to find out.

1. It's day 14 of isolation - are you:

A. Planning a virtual party with friends to help ease self-isolation for everyone

B. Relishing the fact you don't have to get out of your PJs

C. Learning a foreign language

D. Researching how garlic can help prevent coronavirus

2. While speaking to your friends via video link do you:

A. Ensure you put on your make-up and glad rags before the call. You have to remain upbeat!

B. Sit on the call without video on, as you haven't been dressed for days

C. Show them the patchwork quilt you've just crafted

D. Tell them coronavirus is a biological weapon conjured up in a Wuhan lab

3. A friend messages you in a panic, worried about all the uncertainty. Do you:

A. Reassure them that everything will be okay and calm them down

B. Not look at your phone. This is your time to relax and embrace the quiet

C. Think of ideas to keep their mind off things, and suggest a virtual book club

D. Tell them you think the virus was engineered by the West to make money

4. You've been watching the news all day for the past two weeks. Are you:

A. Struggling – when you normally feel anxious you like to keep busy

B. Finding it easy to put things into perspective.

C. Planning on how to get onto the news with your next world record. You've just seen the world's largest jigsaw puzzle was completed in Vietnam in 2011, now's your chance to beat it

D. Correct the journalists about all of the COVID-19 developments and mock the expert advice

Mostly As – The Crisis Queen

You're a true extrovert. You're outgoing and socially confident and you get your energy from involvement in events and different activities with friends.

You're the person who people rely on in times of crises. While at the start of the lockdown you may have had a positive and upbeat outlook, as time goes on you may feel like your energy is starting to become depleted as others turn to you for advice. 

Be sure to look after yourself as much as you do others. Too many stress responses can leave the body devoid of energy, which can make us experience chronic fatigue.

Mostly Bs – The True Introvert

You're relishing the quiet that this pandemic is bringing as you get your energy from the ideas and reactions which are inside your head and in your inner world. 

This time is allowing you to reflect and take stock and you feel comfortable being alone.

Mostly Cs – The Hobby Fanatic

You love nothing more than a good routine and to be kept busy. Developing a hobby is a good way to keep our anxiety at bay during this crisis. 

It also provides us with a sense of self-control at a time when we feel like we have no real control over our lives.

Mostly Ds- The Conspiracy Theorist

You're an armchair expert. You love nothing more than trying to think of reasons for why COVID-19 has come now, it must be an elaborate plot as a virus alone can't have brought the whole world to a standstill? 

Conspiracy theories often circle huge global events, and COVID-19 is no different. Such theories can often lead to misinformation, but are often not done with mal-intent, but rather as a way of gaining a sense of certainty during uncertain times. 

Be conscious though of how this could add to your own and other people's anxieties.

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