Some Times A Hug Can Mean The World... Even To A Stranger

Two Young Friends Embrace As They Greet Each Other At Barbeque Meetup

A woman going through a tragic moment in her life walked by this gentleman's home and had gone through some tragedy in her life that she just needed someone at that moment... even a stranger. Sometimes a hug or even just some simple kind words, can make someone's day!!

This came from the man in the video:

"She looked up at me through her large blinder style sunglasses and with a trembling voice said 'I don’t have him anymore.' My heart sank. I rushed down to the street already feeling tight in my own chest. 'ma’am?' I said as I approached her. She turned and with tears streaming from behind her large sunglasses, not another word was spoken, we hugged. It was a big hug. Like she was my mom or my grandmother. She sobbed into my chest for a moment and said 'I’m just trying to do the things that we used to so I still feel like he’s around... I needed that hug more than you know, thank you for all the music.' Hug ‘em big, folks."

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