Paco From 96 Rock Skywheel Guinness World Record Attempt! Live Feed

Check out the live feed of Paco from our iHeart Family, 96 Rock up in Panama City, as he is wrapping up his attempt to beat a Guinness World Record for riding a theme park attraction! Click on the link to see the charities he's raising money for as well during this attempt.

What's Paco Doing?

Paco is aboard the Panama City Beach Skywheel around the clockuntil he breaks the Guinness World Record of 52 hours and 3 minutesfor riding a theme park attraction.

Why is he doing this?!?

A) because he's nuts and B) to raise money for charity

How YOU can help:

  • Watch the live Facebook Stream,chat with him to cheer him onand help us spread the word on social!
  • Donate to one of the charities he's looking to help. (see below)

The Charities:

Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy Center

For $25, you can take a "Paco Flight" and ride with him in his Gondola

Funds from each Gondola ride will be donated to The Center.

To donate online,click here

Tallahassee Memorial Health Care Children's Center

Bring a toy to the Skywheel for a child that needs surgery.

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