Virginia Man Arrested For Projecting Pornography Onto His Garage Door

A Virginia man was arrested after his neighbors called the police because he was allegedly projecting a pornographic movie on his garage door. When a Newport News police officer showed up, he found a projector on 41-year-old Antonio Smallwood's porch displaying an adult film for all his neighbors to see. The officer tried to serve Smallwood a summons, but he refused to sign it and was taken into custody. He was charged with obscene sexual display and obstruction of justice without force or threats and is being held without bond.

Neighbors told WVEC-TV that Smallwood has a history of bizarre behavior.

"He'd often come out of his house shouting, screaming random things," said one neighbor. “Two months ago he came out and started a bonfire in his driveway.”

While they tolerated his behavior in the past, his adult film screening was too much for local residents.

"Very disappointing and very unbelievable that somebody would be that bold to show something like that, openly, in a family neighborhood with kids playing around,” said Marquita White.

Photo: Newport News City Jail

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