Weekend Winners!


Starting in NCAA Basketball.   Take Murray State minus 16 over Eastern Kentucky.  In the NBA, lay 5 points with Milwaukee over Toronto.  In the NFL, Take 3 points with the Chargers over the Ravens.

Johnny C

Also starting in NCAA Basketball.  Lay 4 1/2 with Loyola Chicago over Drake.  Take Hofstra -5 over Northeastern.  Lay 4 with Kentucky over Alabama.  Take three points with FAU over MId Tennessee State and lay 3 1/2 with Maryland over Rutgers.  One more in NCAA Basketball.  take the over 126 FSU and Virginia.  In the NFL........Take Indy and Houston to stay under 48 1/2 and Seattle and Dallas to go over 43.


Again, starting in NCAA Basketball take UCLA -13 1/2 over California.  Take Oregon and lay the 3 over Oregon State.  In the NBA lay 7 points with the 76ers over the Mavs and lay 9 with the Spurs over the Grizzlies.  

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