Thanksgiving Drinking Game!!

"Ladies and Gents: The Official Thanksgiving 2018 Drinking Guide

Reminder: Hold you and your loved ones accountable for adhering to the rules of the game. If not, you’re only cheating yourself. 


-Any time a relative over the age of 50 tries to show you something on their phone but can’t fucking figure it out.

-Any time a female implores that you change the television channel from football. (“Let’s watch something we can all watch!” “Let’s not.”)

-Any time someone uses the phrase “Kid’s Table.”

-Any time someone calls you by your full name (Matthew, Michael, Patrick…).

-Any time someone talks with food in their mouth. (x2 if they accidentally spit food out)

-Any time the NFL broadcast shows something Thanksgiving-related (turkey, Food Bank footage, etc.)


-Any time someone falls asleep post-dinner. *(x2 if they are audibly snoring)*

-Any time you see a skid mark in the toilet (Two (2) drinks for every one (1) skidmark)

-Any time a relative refers to how crazy your particular family is (“We put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional!”)

-Any time someone suggests playing Cards Against Humanity 

-Any time someone asks you if you’ve seen the play Hamilton.


-Any time someone falls asleep pre-dinner. (x2 if they are audibly snoring)*

-Any time someone unbuckles their belt after gorging

-For every piece of Tupperware a guest brings for leftovers.

-Any time a relative gives a broad, ignorant solution to a complex political problem.

-Any time a Neil Young song comes on.


-For every vegetarian in attendance."

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