Real Radio's 12 Days of Chaos!

How many times have you fought through the holiday crowds, just to get another gift you know your friends and family will more than likely return?  

Don’t get stuck with another crappy gift… get hooked up with Real Radio’s 12 Days of Chaos!  Starting this Monday (December 4th), you could win one of 12 Days worth of Grand Prize Giveaways. 

Each weekday, listen to Rover’s Morning Glory, The Penthouse, and The Love Doctors as they offer 12 lucky listeners EACH DAY the chance to serve as a finalist for the daily Grand Prize Giveaway!  

Then on Saturday’s, listen to the Locker Room as they give you yet another chance to serve as one of our coveted finalists!

As if that’s not enough, you’ll have one last shot to become a finalist for each of the daily giveaways on our website!

Don’t miss out…. Tune in Monday for Real Radio’s 12th Annual 12 Days of Chaos!

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